The Managing Director Tribus-TSG

James Nicholl Managing Director

James Nicholl serves as the Managing Director, Tribus-TSG. James is distinguished in his decorated military and commercial security career spanning over 20 years. His experience in diverse conventional and non-conventional government and commercial security and solution services worldwide remains unmatched.

In his military career, James has gained vast experience, operating in the Middle East, the Balkans, North America, Europe and Africa and was awarded a CJO for Distinguished Service. He is a focused and innovative figure head with extensive leadership experience.

Commercially, James started his career by assisting a tier 2 security company grow into one of the market leaders in the region within a record 24 months. During that time, his training and counter-terrorism tactics assisted in the successful prevention of the Garden City 2015 failed suicide attack.

James’ leadership has been instrumental in seeing Tribus-TSG evolve into a solutions company with a full spectrum of offering in Security Management, Facility management, Customer Facing Services and Entertainment.