Ajiry Platform


Ajiry is an integral splinter of our pre-employment strategy, our team through Ajiry will be able to identify and recognize skilled and professional youth in search of work and business opportunities and get them connected to employment opportunities. The App has over 15,000 users, 4000 of whom have secured jobs within the last 2 months after the launch.

Ajiry’s was formed mainly by the unemployment challenge in the country. The progressive Web Application provides youths with alternative platform in addressing the unemployment situation in the country. The youth’s can use this platform to utilise their skills and talents turning them into a source of livelihood.

The Ajiry platform ensures that the process of seeking employment is seamless and employers can save on the cost of advertising for jobs. Blue collar jobs that are rarely advertised have been given special focus in this platform. The training envisaged will further sharpen youth skills and talents to enhance their chances of securing employment.

The Ajiry Centres will be designed to offer diverse solutions for the youth that will help address the unemployment rate in Kenya in the following ways.

  • Provide centres where people will be able to freely register to the platform and access to Realtime job opportunities and on demand workforce services.
  • Provide avenues for mentorship and professional training of the area residents
  • Act as avenues to expose talent and nurture growth

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