NYS Physical Tests
Psychometric tests
Tidiness Test

Our Mode of Operation

Our pre employment vertical is responsible for the recruitment of workforce on-behalf of our clients with a contract under our name.

We offer contingency staffing solutions which include placement of permanent, temporary, or contract workers in line with clients staffing and capacity requirements. We also customize all our programs to ensure compliance and lower potential risk in the workplace.

NYS Physical Tests

All candidates are required to pass all our pre- employment screening which basically include;

  • Background Checks
  • Physical Testing
  • Psychometric Test
  • Worker's Compensation Claims History
  • Employment Screening and Verification
  • Criminal History Screening
  • Credit History
  • Skill/ Personality Assessments
  • Drug Testing
  • Supervisor/Reference Checking
NYS Physical Tests

National Youth Service (NYS)

The signed MOU between Tribus and NYS is key aspect our Pre-employment strategy, National Youth Service is a spring of disciplined and skilled young men and women who are trained with requisite skills and competencies with a view to acquire employable skills needed to function in the world of work.

The objective of the Tribus – NYS MOU is to connect the skilled youth from the institution to employment opportunities through our local and international networks. Centum foundation has been a key stakeholder in the signing of the MOU and has offered sponsorship the NYS recruits seeking to attain international accredited certificates (IAC) in various courses.

Ajiry is an integral splinter of our pre-employment strategy, our team through Ajiry will be able to identify and recognize skilled and professional youth in search of work and business opportunities and get them connected to employment opportunities. The App has over 15,000 users ,4000 of whom have been verified within the last 2 months after the launch.