Cyber Security Services

Tribus-TSG Cyber team is capable of identifying obvious threats even though attack methods are constantly morphing and evolving. Attacker methods and tradecrafts are becoming more complex andmore attackers than ever are developing highly capable resources and capabilities.

Our solutions helps businesses maximize return on investments, reduce complexity and drive into innovation with hardware, software and services. Businesses cannot afford to ignore the probability that they will be targeteted for attack form inside and outside their organization. As Tribus-TSG we help minimize attackers opportunities for exploitation.

We offer diverse range of services and recommend solutions based on a thorough analysis of Client requirements. We are equipped to close the door on both internal and external security threats. We aim to establish our presence globally and deliver inventive solutions through a highly professional, dedicated, and customer focused team. We focus on the latest solutions and deliver with passion and exellence.

Penetration Testing

Tribus-TSG offers a full suite of testing options to help organizations identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities hence reducing the chances of attacks happening. We offer a wide range of customized penetration testing services that involve but not limited to:

  • External penetration test
  • Internal Penetration tests
  • Web Application Assessments
  • SOC's Assessment
  • Social Engineering

Vulnerability Assessment

The Tribus team aids in the identification of vulnerabilities that an actively hostile, human threat might exploit. The scope of the vulnerability assessment service include:

  • External penetration test
  • Assisting in identifying measures to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerability, and Validating that the vulnerability is eliminated or mitigated
  • Providing the client information about the weakness
  • Helping validate that the weakness is a vulnerability the client wants to fix
  • Identifying and reporting network IT infrastructure security weaknesses

Application Development

We have an in-house team that specializes in delivering secure custom made software application development services on mobile, web, IOT and iOS.

The team can create custom made solutions for situations that need automation through the employment of internet of things technology. We ensure that the custom made solutions increase productivity and efficiency of the client.

The team has a mastery of frontend to backend development, they present a cost-effective and successful solution well before the deadline.

The team has been able to come up with various applications AJIRY; a progressive web application that aims to connect employers to employees by the click of a button being one of them.

NGFW Supply and Deployment

We have partnered with Next-Gen Firewall providers to provide network security solutions to our clients. Our Partners include Fortinet, FireEye and Checkpoint.

Next Generation Firewalls allow organizations to achieve network transparency, reduce vulnerabilities and conserve network performance. The NGFWs stop threats and prevent data leakage by providing policy-based visibility and control over applications.

The team is able to incorporate policy enforcement for intrusion detection, applications and user control, sandboxing, deep packet inspection and threat intelligence feeds.

Policy development image

Policy Development

We help our clients by coming up with policies tailor made for their organizations. We take into consideration every employee as we develop these policies to ensure that all have a stake in the security policy development. These policies in the long run help companies protect their crucial information and physical assets.

Our team can help you structure several policies depending on your needs. They encompass but not limited to:

  • General Policies
  • Server Security Policies
  • Network Security Policies
  • Application Security Policies
  • Mobile Device Policy
  • Cyber Security Policy
Policy development image

Cybersecurity Trainings

We offer diverse courses that span from core essential cyber security awareness training that every person should know to advanced topics in ethical hacking, incident response, threat intelligence, internal security auditing, digital forensics for professionals in cyber security.

These courses present the responsibilities, risks and liabilities each employee should be aware of as the most common and dangerous security threat are insider threats. These courses enable employees to identify sophisticated social engineering and phishing methods which serve as entry points to the internal network of any organization