Training & Consultation Services

Tribus Training and Consultancy wing is comprised of former military and government agency members. Our team is well versed with working in and delivering permissive, semi-permissive and hostile environments trainings around the globe. We offer our training and consultancy expertise to government agencies, NGO, and the private sector.

The team is headed by Tribus-TSG Managing Director James Nicholl. James is distinguished in his decorated military and commercial security career, spanning over 20 years. He has operated in both conventional and non-conventional units holding the highest level of secret clearance for the US & UK.

Tribus TSG designs and delivers capacity development programmes and the production of training resources that help employees be more prepared for emergency and effectively manage various security and emergency incidences.

We also provide a broad range of Training focusing on:

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Response Support
  • Crisis and Decision-Making Psychology
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Personal Security
  • Security Audit and Assessment

Security Audit & Assessment

We provide comprehensive physical inspection and security evaluation of every aspect of your security system and parameters throughout your space or facility.

Our assessment are done on both an individual and a macro level, giving you the intel you need to make better decisions about how to run your facility.

Generally, our physical security risk assessment is the combined process of both practicing an intensive audit and analysing the results that come from it, which pertains to the entire physical security system of your facility or office.

Our Auditing services cover concerns aspects like Business Continuity, Compliance and Crisis Management. We help our clients in policy-making, implementation and management of the security measures.

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